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Corus Entertainment Local Radio Campaign
The Objective

The goal was to create a series of videos to promote the new  Y108 (Now Edge 102) morning show team.  Using video to tell (1) a local story about Hamilton and (2) promoting various station promotions with the morning team at the helm.  

After gathering some market research and multiple pre-production meetings and strategy sessions here's what we came up with.

Food Fight

A story brand style business film for business man (Bruno Codispoti) 20 years in the food business. Entrepreneur, mentor, wicked guitar player and all around good guy.

Meet Bruno.


Monarch Tea Co.

A story brand style business film for a young business woman passionate about tea.

Katie Cyr from wanted to tell her story through the power of film on her juourney from tea lover to young entrepreneur.

As a young girl Katie remembers sitting with her grandmother sipping tea and it being so memorable for her.  She loves the quote, "Where there's tea there's hope."


Your Brand Film

You do what you do because you're passionate about your work. You're proud of your product, your skill, your talent, your trade. 

You need to ensure that your corporate video helps your brand stand out from the crowd. Not only is it imperative that you create an engaging experience with the target audience, but must also deliver your message and clear intent so that your audience can take action.


Let Agency9 Films tell your story through the magic of video.  

Video Production Pricing

Quality video production, especially for brands and corporate videos, is critical in communicating your value to the audience. Our successful approach to promotional videos has been to create highly effective video that tells a story, delivers compelling messages, as well as communicates a clear call-to-action that persuades the viewer to take action.


Wrench Auto

Meet Josh a young entrepreneur with an innovative big dream.

Brining the traditional auto shop to your home.

Nice one!

Kevin Gaynor

A creative individual from grade school.

Watch how Kevin turned his love for graphic arts into a successful career.

Elite Equine

Wanting to add another element to the experience of owning and boarding a horse at Elite Equine.  Owner Raina Addy set out to bring back the essence of the traditional Cowboy.

Kem on Cars

Okay we got to cruise around in a Red Ferrari...NUFF said.

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