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Client Training 


Video advertising has taken off in the last few years. You can hardly watch a YouTube video, scroll down Facebook, open Snapchat, or simply browse the net, without experiencing some form of video advertising. Can you say TiK ToK!

A customer/client is one thing you need to build an audience where they will come looking for you!

Let Agency9 tell your story through the magic of video.  

Music, narrative, images, and sound design fused together to create a powerful story...your story.

Telling great business stories by way of video production is what we do.


We would also like to help you continue in the video space as a constant touch point for your customers/clients.


We’ll create a branded professional intro/extro for your company or service, then train you on the fundamentals of how to produce the regular content you would like to share to build that audience and super serve your target market!

Video Training Program

•    shoot and produce show               


•    graphics package

•    royalty free music

•    2 - 3 member crew

•    2 locations

•    digital and hard copy training deck

•    1 Day Training On:

•    recommend recording equipment

•    equipment and software

•    lighting

•    composition

•    broadcast tips/skills

•    script writing

•    full day (8 hours)

•    help line

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Client Training
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Video marketing offers a fantastic environment for businesses to advertise in. Thanks to all the statistics gathered through the users browser, it’s possible to target a highly specialized audience. Coupled with the fact that video as a medium has the benefit of offering sound and movement, it’s no wonder video marketing accounts for 69% of all consumer traffic.

It’s proven to be effective too. Landing pages with videos convert around 800% better than pages without.

Video achieves what many text and image adverts don’t. It provides your brand an authentic route to reach your consumers. It unlocks exciting new opportunities. It helps your brand evolve.

I see video as a mega trend, same order as mobile,”

Mark Zuckerburg



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