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 Surviving  Covid-19

Top 5 Things Canadian Businesses Can Do to Help Survive COVID-19 Closures


So, you are one of the thousands of Canadian businesses that needs to close to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.


Many decision-makers like you are asking the same questions:


How can I ensure my business survives COVID-19 closures? 

What can I do to make the most of this time?


  1. Take Stock of What You Can Do and Deliver it Remotely

    Restaurants must close their dining rooms, but they can still cook food for delivery and takeout. Movie theatres must close, but they can deliver movies online. Speakers can’t present for of crowds—but they can host a virtual meeting. 

    If your business typically relies on social interaction, this is the right time to explore all of the offerings and strengths of your business, and re-imagine how they can be delivered online.


  2. Open Your Lines of Communication


Keep your customers informed on what you can do for them during this time. Use what you have available to you—Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, email contacts, website, on-location outdoor LED signage...the good, old-fashioned telephone. Make sure your audience has easy access to you, through the wires. 



3. Listen to Your Client’s Changing Needs

This may be the most important of these five actions. It is important to know your audience, now more than ever. Be sensitive. Listen to feedback you are receiving. Take action and give good answers. Know that not all feedback will be high value. It is important to have a plan to divide valuable feedback from noise.


Don't use imagery that suggests social interaction, when and where social distancing is being practice. People may be less likely to engage positively with a photo of a group of people using your product or service. That may trigger a bad feeling in the viewer. In extreme cases, it may even cause brand-shaming comments, for not doing their part to “flatten the curve”. 

4. Be Aware of New and Developing Demand, and Evolve

Hospitals and health care providers cannot keep enough stock of certain medical tools. Grocery stores are selling out of products that we are used to seeing fully-stocked. 

There are industries developing that support the fight against COVID-19. Can your business evolve to help fight COVID-19? Can you help people better manage its impact?

Be sensitive to what clients need from your business right now. Instead of in-person availability, they need your availability by phone or email. Perhaps instead of promoting high-end features, your clients will be more enticed by deferred payment plans or financing options.


5. Access Government Business Relief Funding

The Government of Canada is providing a number of financial support measures for businesses. Some relief measures can be accessed immediately. 



If you need support building a COVID-19 business continuity plan, please contact Agency9.

We help businesses improve stability after social distancing closures.


Our team builds strategic communication plans that will help outline COVID-19 business continuity. We are a team of communication and media experts, leveraging decades of industry experience. We provide strategy to help businesses evolve their message to meet current market demand. This includes strategic planning, public relations support, expert copywriting, social media management, website administration, video production & photography.


We know messages need to be crafted in an informed, compassionate, and skillful way.


Businesses that have strong communication practices are resilient and respected. We ensure your business is one of them.

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